U-Pick OrchardTOMOMIEN

Peach Picking, Grape Picking

Tomomien is an orchard where you can experience ‘pick your own’ peaches and grapes.
Located in Akaiwa city, Okayama prefecture. We grow 23 types of peaches and 2 types of grapes.
Every year, from the end of June to the end of September, delicious peaches and grapes are ready for you to pick.
At the orchard shop, you can purchase fresh fruits and souvenirs.
Please come and join us for a fun and enjoyable harvesting tour!

What’s New!

We will be opening on Saturday, June 22nd!
We look forward to your visit. Advance reservations are recommended.
We are now accepting reservations for fruit picking!
Peach picking will begin on June 22nd, and grape picking will begin around August 20th.
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Peach picking video


Due to weather conditions, availability of courses may change.
Please refer to the reservation page for details of each courses.

Peach picking Picking / Tasting

Peaches are soft, juicy and luscious. At our orchard, we cover peaches with bags so that it will grow with fair velvety skin.

  • From the end of June to mid-August

Pione grape picking
Picking / Tasting

Pione grapes has a rich and strong sweetness. They are seedless and the skin comes off easily in your mouth.

  • From the end of August to mid-September

Shine Muscat grape picking
Picking / Tasting

Shine Muscat grapes are large in size, seedless and sweet. They are very popular since you can eat the whole grape including the skin.

  • From early September to the end of September

About fruit picking


You will pick fruits from the tree you are assigned to. The number of fruits you can pick will depend on the course you have chosen.


Please take home the fruit you picked as a souvenir.


Delicious peaches and grapes has been picked and will be chilled and ready for you to taste.


2 hours by bus and Shinkansen (bullet train) from Shin-Osaka station.


843 Odani, Akaiwa city, Okayama prefecture

* The GPS navigation system on your car will not work due to the location being a farmland. Please use the above Google map. If you try to search us through our phone number or by our name, it may show a different facility with the same name that is no longer in operation (218-1 Kamiichi). Please note that there is no telephone on the farmland.

Small scale map

Moving time(excluding waiting time)

Shinkansen (bullet train): approx. 45 minutes
Shin-Osaka station → Okayama station
+ Car : approx. 35 minutes
Okayama station → Tomomien

From Okayama station, please use a taxi or a rental car.
Buses are available, but the frequency is low (approx. a 50-minutes ride + a 10-minute walk)

Air travel: approx. 75-mintues
Haneda Airport → Okayama Airport
+ Car : approx. 30-minutes
Okayama Airport → Tomomien

From Okayama Airport, please use a taxi or a rental car.
There is no direct bus, so you will need to transfer at Okayama station.

Means of transportation

From Okayama station: Head north on the Prefectural Road Route 27.
From Okayama airport: Head west on Prefectural Road Route 61 and 53.
Using the Expressway: Approx. 15 minutes from Sanyo Interchange/ Approx. 55 minutes from Mimasaka Interchange

Large free parking space
Turn on Itsukaichi intersection on Prefectural Road Route 27 (traffic light before Seven-Eleven). Drive straight for approx. 650 meters, and turn right at the Orchard sign.

Approx. 55 minutes from JR Okayama station. The bus stop (Bus Stop #12) is located at the East exit of Okayama station.
Please take the Uno bus with the sign displaying, ”山陽団地経由ネオポリス西9丁目“ ”Sanyo Danchi Keiyu Neopolis Nishi Kyu chome.“
Approx. 10-minute walk after getting off the bus stop called, ”Sakuragaoka Undou Koen guchi.“ ”桜が丘運動公園口

Bus Stop
  • Buses that go to other locations also stop at Bus Stop #12. In order to get on the correct bus, please confirm at the information desk near the bus stop or ask the bus driver.
  • After getting off the bus, turn left on the wide road. There is our sign “Tomomien” at the corner. Go down the path through the trees. You will arrive faster this way than going down the hill on the wide road.
  • The bus stop for your return trip is located on the opposite side of the road where you got off. The return bus will not take you to Okayama station rotary. Please get off at the bus stop called “Okayama Station Town of Do-Re-Mi. ” “岡山駅前 ドレミの街.”

Timetable (PDF)


We sell fresh fruit picked from our orchard and contracted farms.
Please try our most popular white peach ice-cream!

Orchard info

Opening hours

schedule9:00 - 16:00

  • Open throughout the season
  • It can get busy during the afternoon so we recommend visiting us in the morning.
  • Closed from early October to mid-June of the following year.

Registration and Admission

Reservation prior to visiting the orchard is necessary.
Please register at the store next to the entrance.

  • Register first. The course will start every 30 minutes between 9:00-11:30 and 13:00-16:00. If you are late, we will take you on the next turn. Registration is closed between 11:30-12:30.
  • We are open even when it is raining. We will lend you umbrellas. However, peaches are easily damaged so we ask you to please refrain from using your umbrella under a peach tree.
  • Strollers can be used and wheelchair is also accessible.
  • You are welcomed to bring your pets but please make sure they are on a leash.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the orchard. There is a smoking area outside the reception area.
  • The period for fruits picking is calculated based on the previous year’s harvest period and the current year's growing conditions. Depending on weather and other conditions, please acknowledge the following. The course content may change, the course may be suspended, the course period may change, and/or the course itself may end sooner. We thank you for your understanding.

There is no telephone on the farmland.


Yes. Please make a reservation in advance. Due to limited quantities, unless there is prior reservation you may not be able to enter the orchard. Please call or make an on-line reservation by 17:00 at least 1 day prior to your arrival day.
If there are availability on the day you wish to pick fruits, you are welcomed after you pay the admission fee. Discount rate is available for those with reservation.

There are no children’s rate. If a child wishes to pick fruits, the same fee as an adult is applied.
However, children in elementary school and under are free when the child is accompanied by an adult.
For children over junior high school, one adult fee is required per course. The rates of each course can be confirmed through our reservation page.

If the child wishes to pick fruits on his/her own, please count the child as an adult. If the child is to pick fruits with an adult accompanying, please do not include the child in the number.

Please pay at registration on your arrival to the orchard. Only cash is accepted for all the course fees. You can purchase souvenirs with cash, credit card and QR code payment.

The course to picking fruits lasts about 60 minutes. If you do not wish to pick fruits, it will take about 20-40 minutes. For details please refer to course descriptions on the reservation page.

843 Odani, Akaiwa city, Okayama prefecture
The GPS navigation system on your car will not work due to the location being a farmland. Please use Google map from the following link.
If you try to search us through our phone number or by our name, it may show a different facility with the same name that is no longer in operation (218-1 Kamiichi). Please note that there is no telephone on the farmland.
location_on Google map of Tomomien

Yes, you can pick fruits while it is raining. However, peaches are easily damaged so you cannot use an umbrella under the peach tree. Please bring your own rain coat or some type of rain gear.

Yes. There are fresh peaches and grapes at the shop adjacent to the orchard for gifts and souvenirs. We also ship domestically. Depending on the location where it is delivered to, it may take between 1-4 days. Please also check the next question and answer.

Yes, they are available through our online store. Please note that we only ship domestically. Delivery to the hotel you are staying is possible. Please contact your hotel ahead of time and get permission. Normally you are not able to set the date to receive the goods, but if you give us more than 10 days in advance, we will be able to accommodate your request. Please write your requested date in the message space on the online ordering page.


The type of peach you can pick or taste depends on the timing. You will not be able to specify which type you want to pick.

It will either be New Pione or Shine Muscat. Depending on the kind of grapes, the picking season and rate will differ. For details please check the reservation page.

Please use the contact form to make a reservation. Be sure to include the following information; full name of the group representative, telephone number, email address, date and time of arrival, the name of the course, and the number of people participating.